Stormy Sweitzer, Senior Consultant & Facilitator


We guarantee you’ve never met anyone quite like Stormy. A “socialpreneur” at heart, Stormy brings creativity, passion and expertise to her work, and never stops amazing us with her skills, perspectives and experiences.

She combines right-brained, big-picture thinking with left-brained process and execution in a style unmatched in our experience. She is the true “wonder” woman; she can hold an audience spellbound while describing her encounter with a whirlwind of leaves on a chilly fall morning run, then turn around and build a website in an afternoon. She’s an independent and a team player, a thought leader and a quiet observer.

Stormy (yes, it’s her real name) brings solid business background and experience to Villa Leadership, along with an insatiable curiosity for learning and exploring new ventures.  Her warmth and connect-ability make her an ideal coach and facilitator, but they are just a cover for the surprises behind the curtain. When you suddenly notice that she has the whole room dance-walking as an exercise in brain stimulation, you’ll want to hang around for Act II.

A writer, an inventor, an explorer and a traveler, Stormy’s body of work is diverse and authentic, and she is a jewel of wisdom in our team treasure box. “Work worth doing” is the mantra she shares, reminding us every day of our own purpose and passions.

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