Meagan Nielsen, Business Manager

From the beginning, we’ve described Meagan as the guru of “all things Chocolate”; she makes the “before, during, and after” of all our development programs work, whether we’re on our home turf or venturing into a far-off land.

She is the center of our universe, the friendly voice on the phone, the Queen of Details. She organizes and executes with the agility of a true Millennial, and brings to Villa Leadership Group the fresh eyes of tomorrow’s leaders.

Meagan is, indeed, a modern student of business management. She combines her “I’ll figure it out” drive with formal learning and application to find the most efficient and effective technologies to move our messages and keep our internal wheels turning. She is the quintessential support team rolled into a one-woman package, and has been the mainline backup for Merrilee’s quirky style for a half dozen years through a winding journey of business ventures (the only questionable part of her character).

Her love for homeless animals reflects her truly accepting, non-judgmental and helpful nature, so if you have a question or just want to hear her infectious laughter, give Meagan a call. She can help.

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