Villa Leadership 


It’s that elusive state of equilibrium we seek that gives both equality and priority to everything we want in our lives—meaningful work, satisfying relationships, health, success (however one defines it), happiness.

Balance and success are inextricably linked. People and businesses thrive when their goals and actions are aligned to achieve their dreams. When we are clear and centered, we have access to all of our best talent and energy.  But we know that balance is not a static state. It requires recognition of the risks of imbalance, and constant adjustment to the conditions of change that surround it.

Villa Leadership is built on the principles of balance. We recognize that conditions are changing fast—in the workforce, in the landscape of our economies, and in the rapid-fire technology that both serves and shapes us. To be wildly successful in the future, we must prepare our top talent now to lead in the changing world ahead.

The greatest opportunity we have now is to establish gender balance at our leadership tables. Women make up the world’s largest untapped talent pool for developing potential and leadership for the future. By nature, men and women see things differently, lead differently, influence differently. Our complementary styles working together create “collective intelligence,” and when we tap into the power of this force, we can be unstoppable.

We’ve been providing our unique Chocolate Villa® women’s leadership and career development program to hundreds of women around the globe since 2008, helping women challenge the status quo, find their leadership voices, and see their own potential and contributions more clearly.

Villa Leadership opens the next chapter in this journey, by inviting men and women to the leadership table together, to lead with the power and authenticity of their own styles in complementary and collaborative ways. We help companies build cultures that value the contributions of male and female leaders, and provide workplaces that enable a truly balanced approach to working…and living. 

Achieving gender balance in organizations now isn’t just a nice idea. It’s a business imperative.  Many successful companies recognized the rich resource of female leadership talent long ago, and are ahead of the curve in developing and promoting women. 

We believe that tomorrow’s leaders will build more successful organizations on the principles of balance. We work with forward-thinking leaders who:

  • Understand that diversity is the cornerstone of a company’s financial, social, and creative health

  • Recognize that women are a valuable, yet often under-utilized and under-developed leadership talent pool

  • Believe that being at the forefront in their industry or field often means breaking the status quo

  • Crave balance not just around the board room table, but in the way we all live and work

  • Care about both work performance and employee well-being

  • Are willing to look at the numbers and make changes that put them at the leading edge

We can help your business take the lead now by developing your female leaders, engaging your senior leaders to support new strategies for your business success, and building collaborative, inclusive, balanced teams to lead your company into a new chapter of its own potential.  

But don't just take our word for it.