XYN = Explore Your Next Virtual Coaching

Explore Your next Virtual CoachinG


Virtual coaching is a unique membership-based coaching service provided by Villa Leadership Group.  Our Explore Your Next approach is designed to help you get unstuck and start managing your life and career in a way that brings you greater satisfaction, balance, and success.

Virtual coaching offers an alternative to “traditional” coaching services for those people who may not have the time or resources to meet with a coach one-on-one for an extended period of time. The virtual coaching membership is affordable, predictable and risk-free. One month of coaching costs about the same as an average traditional coaching session.


How it Works

Upon initial enrollment, you will be matched with an available coach who fits your style, objectives, preferences and the types of issues with which you are dealing. Different coaches have different approaches and areas of specialty. Through our matching process, we identify a coach who can help achieve the best results for you.

You will be able to evaluate this fit for yourself in a complimentary, no-obligation, 15-minute introduction phone/video conference with your coach. On this call you will have the opportunity to get to know your coach, determine if they are the right coach for you, establish expectations, and briefly review the issue that you would most like to address in your work together.

Once enrolled and connected with your coach, you will have unlimited email access to your coach. Your coach will respond with feedback, insights and guidance. Your coach will help you explore what may be holding you back, provide you with easy tools and solutions, and help prepare you to move forward to your “next”. Together you will be making positive change in your life and accomplishing your goals.


Explore Your Next Membership

Each Explore Your Next coaching membership term lasts 90 days, with the option of renewing for additional term(s).

Your 90-day membership includes:

  • A free introductory, no-obligation phone call 
  • Three 40-minute phone/video conference sessions with your coach; one call will be scheduled each month
  • Unlimited email-based coaching and tools with a 24-hour response guarantee (business days only)
  • Resources, tools and strategies specific to the issue(s) you are navigating

BONUS: A bonus feature of your monthly membership is free access to our online webinars, presented on relevant topics by our team of coaching professionals. So, in addition to having your own 1:1 coach, you can also learn from a host of others at no additional charge. These webinars are only available to Explore Your Next members during paid membership terms. Topics include relevant, up-to-date information to support you and help you achieve your goals. Our coaches are dynamic presenters with diverse backgrounds, skill sets and experiences, and our webinars are designed to be informative, fun, interactive and inspirational. 

We offer two payment options: pay-in-full or monthly installment.

One-time Payment

Total cost: $459 (Best Value)

Make a one-time payment of $459 at the start of your membership term and save.

That’s just $38.25 per week.


Installment Payments

Total cost: $540 (Over Time)

Make three payments of $180 (one payment each month for 3 months). 

That’s just $45 per week.



How does payment work?

You will not be charged anything prior to being matched with a coach and given an initial 15-minute introductory phone/video conference.  If you don’t find it helpful, you can cancel and pay nothing. If, after this initial call, you decide to move forward with your coach, payment will be required before your 90-day  coaching membership term begins. Monthly and discounted quarterly payment options are available.

When you sign up for Explore Your Next virtual coaching, you are committing to 90-day membership term. (Please note that we do not offer coaching on month-to-month basis.)

We offer 2 payment options. Both options are for a 90-day membership term and can be renewed at the end of the 90-day term for additional term(s).

1.      Installment Payment Option: Make three payments of $180 (one payment each month for 3 months). That’s just $45 per week.

2.     Quarterly Payment Option: Make a one-time payment of $459 at the start of your 90-day membership period. That’s just $38.25 per week.

If you need more in-depth assistance, you can purchase one of the individual phone sessions described below for an additional charge.


What is included in my membership?

Each Explore Your Next coaching membership lasts for a term of 90 days. We do not offer monthly coaching.

With your membership, you receiveone 40-minute phone/video conference session with your coach each month for three months(in addition to your free introductory call). Please note that these calls do not roll over if they go unused.

You also receive unlimited email interactions with your coach during your membership term. This means that you can initiate multiple email-based conversations with your coach each week, and get thoughtful, prompt responses from a trained professional coach during your membership period, all for one flat fee. The frequency and duration of email interactions may change over time and your coach will work to accommodate your changing needs. For example, some clients have 3-4 short interactions every week, while some have 1-2 longer interactions.

Bonus access to webinars offered during your membership term.


How does the unlimited email coaching work?

During your Explore Your Next membership, you can initiate multiple email-based conversations with your coach each week, and get thoughtful, prompt responses from a trained professional coach. Email coaching is not conducted in real time (like a live chat), but is designed to help you get the guidance you need quickly and conveniently. Your coach will check in and respond to your question or inquiry within 24 hours (during business days only). If your issue is complex and requires multiple interactions, your coach can help you prioritize and address the most pressing concerns first. 


What Additional Services are available?

  1. Phone Sessions

    Extra Phone/Video Sessions: Additional phone or video sessions are available for an additional fee. If something urgent comes up and you want to speak with your coach over the phone or via video, you can choose to add additional phone sessions. These sessions are $15 for up to 15-minutes. If your session goes over 15 minutes, it will be charged to you at the same rate ($15 per 15-minute increment).
  2. Profile Assessments

Profile assessments are available, and can be valuable in helping you assess your strengths and barriers. Assessments are most effective in the beginning of your coaching term. Your coach can help you with selecting the assessment instrument(s) that would benefit you most.

All profile assessments include an electronic copy of your results and a 30-minute phone or video feedback with a coach:

DiSC – $80
EQi 2.0 (Emotional Quotient Inventory) – $140
16PF – $80

Complete Assessment Package – all three profile assessments with 90-minute feedback phone or video session. $255 (Save 15%)


Is virtual coaching right for me?

·      Do you ever feel stuck, unmotivated, or tired of being on the hamster wheel?

·      Do you remember the inspiration you once felt to take charge of yourself, your life and your career, but now it’s gone?

·      Did you ever get started with ambitious plans, and then get drawn back into the vortex of work and life?

·      Do you wonder how you can reconnect with your vision, ambition and drive?

·      Do you need more courage, more authenticity, or more connection in your life? (And how about more fun?)

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you can benefit from working with a coach.

You deserve this. It’s your turn!