Happenings Around the World

Ruth Muller, R&D Manager/Savoury (Alumna, Chocolate Villa Unilever Bangkok Nov 2012) reports she is working with her R&D Foods Leadership Team in Australia to increase everyone's emotional intelligence skills:

"I’ve had more of a focus of driving connection rather than hard skills this year, due to the Chocolate Villa influence and the value I have seen of being able to connect with women (through Chocolate Villa).

There was also a global Unilever diversity survey, to gain understanding of what was needed to help make it easier for women to progress. A lot of men took part in the survey, which was great. Results for ANZ were shared at a town hall meeting. Flexibility was a big factor seen as being important.

Two things from Chocolate Villa sprang to mind: 1) Women backing each other; and 2) We need men to back gender diversity as well as women."

Thanks, Ruth, for keeping us informed about what's happening in your region.

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Posted on July 15, 2015 .