Chocolate Villa Coaching: Explore Your "Next"

I was a little surprised by the question Kerry asked me on our last coaching call.

“So, Merrilee, what are your goals right now? What’s your “next'?”

I was only surprised because that’s the question I ask everyone else. It didn’t take more than a millisecond for me to launch excitedly into a description of our new Chocolate Villa Coaching program. I had received several inquiries from alumnae requesting some additional professional coaching. One such person had said, “I’m looking for coaching with heart, like I experienced at the Villa.”

When women attend Chocolate Villa, we see them reconnect with their passions, their confidence, their aspirations, and their belief in their own capabilities. We hear repeated stories of women feeling inspired, rejuvenated, re-focused and recommitted to their work and managing the complexities of their lives.

And then they return to the Vortex. The demands of life they left behind during their blissful stay at the Villa have waited and grown in their absence, and within a short time period have once again commandeered all the time, energy and focus they had harnessed in their time away.

Staying connected to what you discovered in yourself during your Chocolate Villa experience requires that you put strategies in place to keep moving forward. Regular contact with your coaching partner, connection with your Villa group, and reviewing and sharing the tools and techniques you learned can help you sustain your momentum.

But sometimes you need a little something more—a personalized approach that supports your individual strengths, goals, and career/life management priorities. You got a jump-start at Chocolate Villa, and now you’re ready to put your foot on the gas pedal to your “next”. But how do you do it?

We’re very excited to introduce you to “Explore Your Next Coaching” from Chocolate Villa. Professional coaches will guide you step by step along the path to your next—career move, promotion, project or new venture, and build upon your strengths and all the skills and tools you learned at the Villa. Or maybe you’re looking for strategies to just stay in the game while you balance all the demands of your work and family, or ways to navigate the complex systems and networks of your organization while you reach for bigger opportunities.

Designed for both Chocolate Villa alumnae and those who might consider attending a Chocolate Villa retreat, Explore Your Next Coaching is a package that includes 12 one-to-one sessions with a professional coach/Chocolate Villa facilitator, individualized assessment using up to three profiling tools to identify strengths and opportunities, a customized development plan to serve as a roadmap during and beyond the coaching program, and access to many resources, guides, and materials to support and sustain momentum toward your Big Dot targets.

Our coaching programs are priced to be high-value, yet affordable for both individuals and organizations. Give us a call or send us a note today, and we’ll send you more details about our program structure, pricing, and availability. We are looking forward to reconnecting with you soon to help you find a springboard to your “next”.

For questions or more information, contact:

Meagan Nielsen

Merrilee Buchanan

Posted on April 13, 2015 .