4 Ways to Make Your New Year's Resolution Come True

Let's face it: most of our New Year's resolutions don't come true. Whether it's losing 15 pounds, getting more organized, or becoming financially secure, many of our most optimistic resolutions just don't see the finish line.

This is because we often resolve to do something we a) see as very difficult, b) never have the time to get around to, or c) somewhat dread.

The first key is to change your mindset about your resolution. Want to drop 15 pounds? Stop saying "I want" and start saying "I will." Make it a daily mantra. You'll be surprised by how much this can help you think of your goal as more attainable, and be more inclined to actually work at it.

Here are some tips to help you make sure your 2015 resolution comes true:

1. Define your specific goal. Avoid a loose, general goal, like "I want to get more organized." Instead, have a very specific, attainable goal, like "I want to start using calendars to keep track of my daily tasks and appointments, and I want to pull everything out of storage and get rid of things I no longer need." See how much more attainable (and realistic) that sounds?

2. Make a plan, and break the goal into chunks. This goes along with tip #1—sectioning out your goal into manageable chunks will really help you see it through. Want to lose a few pounds? Break it up, and plan on losing a couple pounds per month. Make sure it's realistic!

3. Put it on your calendar and make it a habit. Have a loose plan to accomplish your goal? Now put it on your daily or weekly calendar and hold yourself accountable (having an accountability buddy can be really helpful, too). Want to become more financially secure? Block out 15 minutes every day to research how you can do this. Once you know the steps you need to take, start blocking out time each week to slowly achieve your goal.

4. Now reward yourself. As with any goal you set and achieve, be sure to reward yourself. Lose 15 pounds…buy a new pair of jeans. Organize your office…buy a book and spend the day relaxing.  Motivating yourself with rewards is the best way to actually achieve your goals.

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Posted on January 2, 2015 .